I was asked to create a poster for Sol Gems' show at The Pit in Cape Town. They're a great psych band from Johannesburg and had recently released their single 'Standing With the Sun' - so I immediately knew that I wanted to do a really psychedelic poster involving a sun and probably some space. They also asked that I take reference from graphics from the 70s, and I was more than happy to oblige.

As usual, you can see a higher-res version on my Tumblr!
As usual, I put together a whole bunch of references that would guide my poster - the type style from a Pink Floyd album, Mike Davis' Disco Fever poster, some film titles that would influence my colour choices and a graphic from an African psych music label.
The inital sketch sent to the band
Once the poster was completed I looked at a bunch of colour options, and along with the band and promoter we chose the one on the bottom left
Final poster
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